Welcome to Payetteville!! An online meeting place for family and friends. Payetteville is the historical name of the family cabin on Shuswap lake where all of the Payette siblings would congregate every summer with their families.

With Grandma and Grandpa Payette, their seven kids, the teeming mass of payette cousins and numerous friends of the family, Payetteville was a hive of activity and a wonderful place to while away the summer.

Payetteville as a real place no longer exists but the friendship and memories go on. This website is for everyone who remembers the feeling of burying your feet in the warm sand, sleeping under the stars and plunging into the cool water.

The magic was in the stories, the smiles, the connections made...the secrets shared. This website is for all those who want to keep the magic alive. Click on the Blog link to find out the latest happenings.